An Old Parchment…

My son came home with the project to make a page of an old diary. 16th century old. ok, then. Bring it on. First, my son wrote his narrative, changed the font to  a handwritten script like “segoe script”, and printed the page.

We also gathered:

a cup of strong tea (I put 3 tea bags of my strongest tea in very little water)
a thick paint brush
matches and candle
red candle

Step 1: Stain the page with the tea. Dip the paint brush in your tea and paint the printed page. Make sure to cover the whole page. Repaint on places you want darker. Let dry (or with a hair dryer)

Step 2: Burn the edges of the page. Ahem…..don’t bring the house down or trigger the alarm. I like to use a candle because I can manage my page with both hands without worrying about dropping the match or the lighter. ~Now all other steps are beautifying extras. Your letter should look already pretty cool. uhmm, i mean pretty old. same thing, right? 🙂

Step 3: Add a ribbon. Use the red candle to drop some wax on the paper. You will use that spot to place your ribbon on the wax.

Step 4: Add more wax on top of your ribbon and use something to stamp it (for a ring signet effect). I used a big fake silver bullion. I left it on the wax until it cooled completely. The coin dropped from it easily and left a really cool imprint.

For this project, I also penciled the impression of a roll at the bottom of the page with some fake rips around the edges.

Have fun with this craft. It’s a really cheap and really easy way to create fun invitations, a treasure map, and other paper-based projects. Use different ribbons for different events. I think I’ll use this as a craft idea for the next birthday party.


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