Homemade Yogurt

I like homemade yogurt. My kids love homemade yogurt. My husband devours homemade yogurt. but each time I wanted to make it,  I would waste one batch every 3….besides the fact that I don’t sleep well knowing that the oven is on for 9 hours.

So, I bought a yogurt maker. B.E.S.T $50 E.V.E.R! I have not bought yogurt in months. The brand I bought machine from also provided me with a booklet of recipes and 2 small starter yeast bags. They recommend not to use the yogurt made from it more than twice. I thought “mmmm, you just want me to buy more of your yogurt starter”….and I was right. I still have the 2nd bag in the door of my fridge. You can use this recipe with a yogurt maker or with your oven.

So what do you need to make yogurt:

milk (I use 2%)
1 plain yogurt (if you buy one from the store, choose a natural brand, no flavor, no sugar. And absolutely no guam or whatever stuff they put in there to make the yogurt gel. You need the natural bacteria listed on the side: lactobacillus or bulgaricus)

1) Empty the yogurt in a big bowl. Put aside.

2) Use the yogurt container (now empty) to measure your milk. Pour 7 yogurt-container worth of milk in a pan

3) Bring your milk to a boil. When the milk starts raising on the side of your pan, turn off the heat.

4) Let the milk cool. (I usually transfer it in a mixing bowl that I place in front of the window)

5) Once the milk has cooled, take the film that formed on top and discard (my family does not like the cream. I know you can make other recipes with it, but my family does not like the texture of it in the yogurt)

6) Mix one yogurt-container worth of cooled milk with the yogurt. Stir well so that the yogurt has completely dissolved.

7) Pour the yogurt mixture with the rest of the milk.

8) Pour in each yogurt glass container that comes with your yogurt maker
Pour the yogurt mixture in a bowl that goes in the oven and can stand low temperatures for 12 hours.

9) Because I used the boiling recipe, I must leave my yogurt in the yogurt maker for 9 hours. If you decide to not boil the milk, you’ll have to leave your yogurt from 10 to 12 hours.

I find this way cheaper (electricity) and safer than using my oven. But if you do with great success, please share your tips here!

As I said, I have not bought a yogurt from the store since I have the maker. I keep the last yogurt to make more and so far, I have not had to either buy a new plain yogurt from the store or use the yogurt starter bag.

My kids and I like the yogurt with sugar or berries, or even with cereal, berries and honey. My husband likes it with spanakopita, cevapis, somun, dolma, burek and other bosnian or indian dishes we bring home.


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