Seussical, the pre-show gala

My daughter is playing in Seussical the Musical, a musical theater piece directed by MET artistic director Alison Bretches. Due for public performance in May. I’ve volunteered in the past in diverse opportunities (backstage, lead character changer, shuttling service, etc.), including helping with setting up, serving, and cleaning at the Gala. The Gala is an evening organized specifically for the patrons who bought a ticket for the Saturday evening performance. This season, I’m helping with putting it together. Here are a few craft ideas and prototypes created by volunteers and I to make the Gala room more festive. Remember, we’ve got Dr. Seuss as an inspiration! We can go crazy with colors and diverse materials.

Here are my Seuss mini flowers. I first saw them in a Michael’s store, but instead of buying them, I decided that they are quite easy to make. You need:

colorful feathers
chopsticks (or skewers. But I find the chopsticks stronger)
silk paper the same color as the feathers you choose
painter’s tape

1. Gather the feathers around a stick and keep them attached with painter’s take.

2. Glue and wrap silk paper (of the same color of the feathers) around the chopstick, covering the painter’s tape.

3. If necessary, use a small piece of scotch tape at the end, if the glue is not enough.

They will look great sticking out of center pieces on the table or in MET volunteer’s hair buns 😀

Now for the Cat in the Hat’s Hat, you need:

an empty round oatmeal box
red and white felt
cardboard, cut in a circle (I used a small plate and traced around)
brass paper fastener

1. Cover the circle of cardboard with white felt. Glue on top, tape under.
2. Make a small hole in the middle of the cardboard and through the felt
3. Make a hole in the middle of the bottom of the oatmeal box
4. Attach the oatmeal box to the cardboard with the paper fastener
5. Decide how many red and white bands you need and make sure that they are all the same width. Set aside
6. Cut a round circle of red felt for the top. Make sure to leave an inch all around so that you can take the border down on the side of the oatmeal box.
7. Spread some glue around the side of the box and on top of the extra inch of red felt so that you cover the extra felt with your first white strip.
8. Continue to add your strips by alternating the colors. Make sure that your last one at the bottom is red.

Great table center. If we have enough, we can even use one of those and stick some Seuss flowers in the center at the top of the hat.

What other ideas do you have?



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