photo tutorial for a twine lampshade


photo tutorial for a twine lampshade

I first saw this on Pinterest, but there was no link attached. I recently found a new link and gave it a try.

The difference with the tutorial on Pinterest was that I used jute twine cord (Home Depot), and a beach ball (that was bound for the garbage bin). The other difference is that I did not wait 48 hrs for it to dry.

For the first round of twine circling the beach ball, I smothered the twine with glue. Personally, I just dropped glue on the tips of my fingers in my left hand and run the twine through it, while with my other hand, I lay the twine on the beach ball.

2- Because I don’t have much patience, I started wrapping the beach ball with the twine without adding any glue, and always avoiding the circle that must remain free of twine.

3- once I felt that the ball of twine looked good (not too thick so that the light from the light bulb is not darkened too much), I cut the twine from the rest and started dropping glue all over it, quarter by quarter, massaging the glue into the twine, specifically where many strings met.

4- I left the beach ball alone throughout the night and in the morning, tested the solidity of the stiffed twine by sliding a finger, then my hand between the ball and the twine.

5-By deflating the beach ball, I was able to reach all around it to separate the twine from the beach ball. Deflate it a bit further and it was enough to pull it through the hole.

6-i noticed that some strings were a bit loose on the inside. That did not bother me as long as the outside was solid. If that bothers you, add more glue. It dries clear.


7-some areas had obvious dried blobs of glue. That was easy to remove. The rest had dried to a transparent sheen.


8-I had to cut my new lampshade to make the opening wider so that I can slide the thingamabob that held the light bulbs in my restroom. I cut on the side where the glue had stiffened the twine the most, so that I was sure that my lampshade would not unravel.


9-Because I am lazy, i just turned the lampshade so that the opened side does not show (although, thanks to the stiffened twine, the cut is barely visible anyway). But when I get to it, I’ll just reapply from glue, or thread a string of twine to tie it close.


Please share YOUR fun with this craft in the comment area.


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3 Comments on “photo tutorial for a twine lampshade”

  1. sabinereljic
    April 2, 2014 at 2:14 pm #

    Do protect your work space. I cut open a paper bag from Trader Joe’s and worked over it. The glue won’t hurt your surface, but folding the paper bag over the dust of twine and dried glue is a lot faster than peeling off the dried glue from the table.

    How I draw a circle on the beach ball: I lay a dessert plate on top of it and draw around with a marker (I used a Crayola, you know those that can be washed, because my daughter wants her beach ball back…..)

  2. April 2, 2014 at 2:54 pm #

    Love, Love, Love!!! 🙂

  3. sabinereljic
    April 2, 2014 at 3:39 pm #

    Thanks. It is so easy, and the result is quite impressive. This is a craft that could be turned into a kid activity: making fairy lights with tennis balls as guide and plugging them on Christmas lights?

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