Colored Sugar

colored sugar

My daughter decided to make some sugar cookies. Great. Except that I had absolutely nothing left for decoration, but a couple of food coloring mini jars.

This is really simple. Only one thing to remember: food coloring is a liquid that can 1) melt the sugar if there is too much of it 2) can dry into clumps of sugar inside the containers with possible no chance to use it again.


1- Drop 3 to 4 drops of food color in a plastic bag (I used a sandwich plastic bag, the cheap Ziploc kind)

2- Drop a cup of sugar on top of it, zip it close, and massage the sugar immediately so that the food color 1) does not have time to dissolve any sugar ad 2) all the sugar gets some color.

3-Drop the colored sugar on a baking sheet (previously lined with parchment. dry. no oil)

4- I repeated this process with several colors (mix yellow and red for orange, yellow and blue for green, red and blue for purple,etc.)

5- Trick: I pinched the parchment vertically so that the color sugars don’t mix when I transfer them from bag to baking sheet.

6-Place in warm oven for about 20 minutes.

7-Remove from the oven and forget about it on your counter. Have a nice cup of tea, munch on a biscuit, and catch up on the final chapter of that book that you just had not had time to finish reading. Can’t you hear the elevator music right now?

 (picture from

8-Ok. tea sipped, biscuit munched, book finished. Make sure that the sugar is dry and not clumping. You might have to sift through the now-cold sugar with your fingers in order to keep the sugar ‘sandy’.

9-Transfer sugar in container for future use. I used a funnel to quickly drop the sugar into an empty cookie decoration container i recycled for this purpose. This compartmentalized bottle is great for many reasons: 1) I can see the colors quickly 2) there is a unique opening for each compartment, which means that I don’t make a mess or mix my sugars, 3) I can sprinkle directly from the bottle onto the cookies without using another tool.

video: colored sugar

I’d love to see how you decorate your cookies with colored sugar. Please post some pics in comment!


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